Dispute Management


 Conflict has costs; in both time and money and a cost also in human relationships.

There are three stages at which we can help and eliminate or reduce those costs

Avoidance, management and resolution!

Workplace Solutions can provide training and advice and equip you with good systems and processes, and back up support so that conflict is minimized and quickly resolved.

Harmony in the workplace; that’s the goal. So the aim is to  avoid or prevent disputes where you can or settle them quickly and amicably when you can’t.

Mediation often (most often) works best. It is inclusive and normally has something for both sides but does require the parties to show willing in the search for a solution!

When things have developed to a more formal stage and if you get a letter in the post from the LRC, or EAT, for example initiating proceedings contact Workplace Solutions before you do anything. All is not lost even at that stage.

086 2587940 or pat.brady@workplacesolutions.ie