How an investigation works

This is a sample structure for the holding of a workplace investigation. It will vary depending on the circumstances but would not stray far from this.

Terms of reference of the investigation to be agreed
Preliminary meeting with both parties to outline procedure.
Details on nature and content of the allegation as well as the terms of reference of the investigation to be forwarded to each party.
Meeting with complainant to take full details of the allegation in detail and collect further information. This may be recorded with the consent of the party.
General note of complainant meeting to be sent as draft for comments. This will not be a verbatim but the general report of the meeting. Where a recording has been made a copy of the sound file will be provided.
Complainant to review the notes and agree them.
Copy of these notes then to respondent.
Meeting with respondent to hear response.
Investigator notes to be forwarded for agreement  and respondent allowed to agree them.
Any witnesses to be interviewed or statements taken
Witness statements to complainant and respondent with invitation to respond to these statements
Investigator to move to close the process by submitting a  draft report based on the provisional conclusions (where this is provided for in the Terms of Reference)
Final report to commissioning manager on the out come, copied to parties
Should not make any recommendation unless required by Terms of Reference  and especially should not reach any findings of culpability. Recommendation may relate to a need for training, mediation etc.
Relevant manager to take action in line with company policy

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