Definition of Bullying

This is the standard definition of Bullying which should be used  and incorporated into workplace Dignity at Work policies.

“Workplace bullying is repeated inappropriate behaviour, direct or indirect, whether verbal, physical or otherwise, conducted by one or more persons against another or others, at the place of work and/or in the course of employment which could reasonably be regarded as undermining the individual’s right to dignity at work. An isolated incident of the behaviour described in this definition may be an affront to dignity at work but as a once-off incident is not considered to be bullying.

You can read the full Code of Practice on Bullying here.

Workplace Solutions will supply  clients with a template Dignity at Work policy.

Note the issues that arise here (and I have seen these in investigations)..

One incidence can not be considered bullying.

Then, what does ‘repeated’ mean? Can a series of isolated incidents ‘join up’ to form repeated incidents?

And of course note that the behaviour complained of must ‘reasonably be regarded’ as undermining an individual’s right to Dignity at Work. Of course this must have regard to all the circumstances.

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