Workplace Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

Training/Advice/Consultancy; If you need a best quality training provider in relation to Health & Safety OR Food Safety we at Workplace Solutions recommend our Partner in Business


SAFEHANDS provides Health and Safety and Food Safety solutions to large and small businesses, schools, construction, trades, shops, pubs and restaurants.

SAFEHANDS will work with you to achieve the highest standards of health and safety at work ensuring compliance with regulations and your peace of mind.

SafeHands is a complete work safety solutions advisor with many years experience and workplace solutions has no hesittaion in recommending Noel Flood and his team.

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SafeHands Health & Safety Solutions
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 NEWS: Health & Safety Authority issues important new Guidance on Intoxicant testing etc which you can read here. This is a tricky area so know what you’re doing!Health & Safety and you!

Safety Statements: Every company is required by law to have completed a Safety Statement and Risk Assessment on their business. This can be from the person running a business from a bedroom in their house to a multinational company. Safety Statements should be reviewed on an annual basis. Contact SAFEHANDS for more advice on this and any of the issues below.

Manual Handling: The majority of companies are required to ensure their employees undertake Manual Handling training. The course should take 2-4 hours depending on the number being trained. Certificates last for 3 years.

Occupational First Aid: All companies should have at least one person trained in first aid. The Occupational First Aid course is held over 3 days and is FETAC certified. Certificates last for 2 years

Refresher First Aid: A refresher First Aid course is required when the employees First Aid certificate is due to expire. If the course is undertaken within 3 months of the certificate expiring then the employee only needs to undertake the Refresher First Aid course (1 day). If however the course is not undertaken within 3 months of the certificate expiring the employee will have to do the Occupational First Aid course (3 day) again. Certificates last for 2 years



UK Court guidance on Personal Protective equipment, foreseeable risk etc. Threlfall v Hull City Council .  Read full judgement here

  • New Guidelines on manual handling risk assessment for retail shops. Click here for the new publication from the HSA

By implementing simple and practical measures to protect your workers you can:

  • save money,
  • reduce the chances of an accident in your workplace, and
  • improve staff morale and motivation.

We all agree that the greatest asset of any business is the people who work for it. But what are you doing to ensure that your most valuable assets make it home from work safe and sound at the end of each day?

The Health and Safety Authority wants to work with small business owners and managers to show how simple and straightforward it can be to minimise the chances of a workplace accident. Fewer accidents mean increased profits.

January 6th

Shocking increase in farm deaths  from 11 (2009) to 25 in 2010. Fatality rate over 7 times Irish workplace average. Read Sean McConnell’s IT report here

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