The Dispute Resolution Institutions

Before any issue is taken anywhere you should be aware of the Code of Practice on Dispute Resolution (SI 146/2000). This is incorporated in most ‘Grievance & Disciplinary’ procedures and places various demands on both sides to process disputes at the level of the workplace FIRST, and this is in any event desirable.  

Also note that these institutions are under review and legislation is expected to be published in the first half of 2013 which will dramatically affect the institutions below.

The Labour Relations Commission (LRC) Rights Commissioner (Also on LRC site) 

There is no charge for taking a case to the Rights Commissioner or any of the other institutions described here, other than the costs of your own representation. You are free to represent yourself although this may not always be in your interests. Many cases have no great legal issues involved, and the Rights Commissioner will ensure that unrepresented claimants are given a good chance to put their case. But be careful with this. Also bear in mind that many cases settle and it is helpful to have an adviser who will assist in these negotiations.

The Employment Appeals Tribunal

The Equality procedures

The Labour Court  

Private Arbitration/adjudication & Mediation See main page

And see my blog! BIG changes in how these institutions do their work are under consideration at the moment! See my blog for some of my ideas