The National Employment Rights Authority

We now have a national agency; NERA that may knock your door and check whether you are complying with over 20 pieces of employment law.

Even if they don’t, things can go wrong in the workplace without warning. Getting them back on track or managing them to a satisfactory conclusion will be important.

Workplace Solutions will ensure full compliance with the extensive range of employment law requirements give you good systems and practises for staff in your workplace.

We will help you through training, provision of documentation and compliance checks.

Here’s what they will be looking for!

  • Name, address and PPS Number for each employee
  • Whether they are full or Part Time employees
  • Hourly rate of pay/ or / salary and number of hours worked for same
  • Job classification
  • Experience of worker
  • Dates of commencement, and termination where appropriate

During the inspection NERA will review your records in relation to the following:

Please note that it may also be necessary to copy and retain some of these records

  •  Rest Breaks
  • Annual Leave
  • Public Holidays
  • Rates Of Pay
  • Hours Of Work

Where applicable the following item will be reviewed

  • Register of employees under 18 years of age
  • Details of board and lodgings provided in lieu of pay
  • Details of any commission or bonuses
  • Details of any shift premiums paid
  • Details of any service charge added to or deducted from employees wages

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