Employment Contracts

Contracts, statements of  Terms of Employment?

There is a difference between the two! But at a minimum every new employee is entitled to a statement of their Terms of Employment containing information defined in statute. It’s not a contract in itself but can easily become one. We can customise them for your business.

Every employee has a contract whether it’s written down or not. It just gets a little bit harder to prove what’s in it if its not written down so it should be!

But we can provide you with what you need for as little as €250

  • A Contract of Employment
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution policy (Grievance & Discipline)
  • Dignity at Work policy
  • Staff Handbook
  • Audit of other compliance requirements

A comprehensive contract provides a degree of mutual comfort.

There are some important legal reasons for making things clear in your contracts that might be difficult to enforce if they are not there.

And one final reason.

Claimants will always be advised to include a claim under the Terms of Employment Act, whatever the main grievance is when one has not been provided

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